My own NaNoWriMo

National Novel Writing Month is a huge event that takes place in November where the goal is to write around 1,600 words each and every day for the entire month.


Also known as Writer Freakout Month

I tried it this year, got pumped up, got a special forearm massager so I could keep typing so I had no excuses.  I dug out an old story idea and poured on 10,000 extra words in the first week so my overall word total was right on schedule.  I had to keep telling myself it was National Novel WRITING Month, not National Novel Editing Month, but my writing engine was going full bore, unrestrained into week two.  That’s when November kneecapped me. Continue reading


Making exercise not suck

My life in the South has got me gaining weight as this is the first time in my life I don’t need to chop wood to stay “warm” in the Winter, my kayak is still up in Maine, and the South has delicious food.  I’ve tried a few different diets and found myself miserable and craving a Cookout burger tray even after 2 months of cutting out carbs except for special binge days (the diet works, but sometimes you just need a Cookout burger tray in your face) and found exercise, such as running, to be painful and unsatisfying. Two weeks ago we got a folding exercise bike and I’ve been using it almost every day since it came out of the box.  Why is exercise sticking this time around?  I think it’s because of my goals. Continue reading


Zombies of Catan

Ever look at your version of Settler of Catan and just thought to yourself, hmm, this game needs more zombies.  Well, here we have a variant that you can play that gives you 100% more zombies in your version of Settlers.  Note that this version uses this Traders and Barbarians expansion, if you don’t have the expansion either purchase it, cobble together the important bits for this variant or stay tuned for another variant to use with just the base game.


This variant was thought up by me and played at a Halloween themed board game party.  It was a great hit because it completely changed the game.  Continue reading


1st attempt at National Novel Writing Month, 2011

My first thoughts for the first day of Novel Writing Month? Cutting up a frozen deer leg really destroys your hands. After an hour and despite fantastic venison steak my hands were hurting so much I couldn’t write more than a few sentences. On the plus side I wrote a few amazing sentences about flying radish farms and had a gigantic steak from the grill and a great side of green beans and onions provided by our friends Mary and James. Below is a recipe for fantastic venison kabobs I discovered this summer when we hosted our bachelor/bachelorette party on our balcony right before we went to a bouncy bounce and partied all night. Continue reading