1st attempt at National Novel Writing Month, 2011

My first thoughts for the first day of Novel Writing Month? Cutting up a frozen deer leg really destroys your hands. After an hour and despite fantastic venison steak my hands were hurting so much I couldn’t write more than a few sentences. On the plus side I wrote a few amazing sentences about flying radish farms and had a gigantic steak from the grill and a great side of green beans and onions provided by our friends Mary and James. Below is a recipe for fantastic venison kabobs I discovered this summer when we hosted our bachelor/bachelorette party on our balcony right before we went to a bouncy bounce and partied all night.
Ingredients and supplies:
1 leg of venison, about 5-10 lbs of deer meat
Bag of onions, use about 3 and save the rest for French onion soup
Bushel of apples, use 4 and save the rest for hard cider
Pint of cherry tomatoes, bonus points for Sungold tomatoes
Bunch of bamboo skewers
Coal fired grill
Instructions: First, soak the bamboo skewers in water for an hour*
Fire up the grill and let the coals burn down to an even hot heat, should take about one hour or less.
Cut up all of your ingredients into large bite sized portions. Remember that everything will shrink a little bit under hot heat and you don’t want your food falling off. Cut the deer into cubes of deliciousness, quarter the whole onion AFTER you peel it, cut the apple into slices, and stab the cherry tomatoes whole. Arrange your food on skewers however you want, it’s usually good to put some veggies between meat but it’s up to you, you’re eating it. Drop the skewers onto the grill and flip them every three minutes for about nine minutes. You know you’re done when the venison turns from dark purple to light tan or brown. Take off the grill and devour. Feeds a party of 12-15 good friends and by feeds I mean stuffs full.
*For extra experience points soak the venison in red wine, a cheap merlot or Shiraz works wonders. Cover the meat with garlic, salt and pepper and let it soak for an hour or more. If you complete, award yourself the ‘Drunken Deer Roaster’ achievement.


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