Zombies of Catan

Ever look at your version of Settler of Catan and just thought to yourself, hmm, this game needs more zombies.  Well, here we have a variant that you can play that gives you 100% more zombies in your version of Settlers.  Note that this version uses this Traders and Barbarians expansion, if you don’t have the expansion either purchase it, cobble together the important bits for this variant or stay tuned for another variant to use with just the base game.


This variant was thought up by me and played at a Halloween themed board game party.  It was a great hit because it completely changed the game. 

Set up

Set up the game board with two castles as you would with the Barbarian Attack scenario.

Pick the two locations equidistant from the castles and place three zombies on each hex.

Knights operate exactly as they would in the Barbarian Attack scenario.  First player to 10 points wins

Zombie Rules

Zombies are everyone’s enemy and if left unchecked, will devour Catan.

1 zombie on a hex instantly destroys every road that borders that hex.

2 zombies on a hex instantly devours every settlement bordering that hex AND gains one zombie.

3 zombies on a hex instantly destroys every city bordering that hex AND gains two zombies.

When a 7 is rolled

Place an extra zombie on each hex that has at least one zombie.

Hexes that have 3 zombies Move instead of gaining an extra zombie.


When a zombie hex Moves, roll one die and refer to the Castle hex.  One zombie moves in the direction of the number rolled and one zombie moves in the exact opposite of the number rolled.  Example


So when a 4 is rolled, zombies will move in the corresponding tiles in the 4 and 1 direction.

Note: Zombies Move immediately when 3 zombies on a hex are about to gain one more zombie.  This means a Move can turn into another Move, which can turn into another Move, which can eat a city and turn into another Move, and so on until zombies have eaten Catan.  You have been warned.


You attack with knights.  You purchase the knights as you would in the Barbarian Attack scenario and attack exactly the same.  Every participating player in the battle gains one free resource from the bank.

You win the game when one player gets to 10 points.  You lose if everyone has been eaten.

If you want to make it harder, you can add this to the rules

Every zombie hex touching a road, settlement or city counts against the building so two hexes with one zombie destroys a settlement on an intersection.

When we played this variant for the first time, we had beaten the zombies back with ease at first and wiped them off the board.  We continued building and playing the game as usual, but then the zombies came back and were left unchecked.  In three turns the zombies had eaten half of the board and in one turn a Move turned into a bunch of Moves that at city after city so the zombies just kept going.  By the end we were laughing at how we were losing so badly because there was no other option.  Hope you have fun with it.


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