Making exercise not suck

My life in the South has got me gaining weight as this is the first time in my life I don’t need to chop wood to stay “warm” in the Winter, my kayak is still up in Maine, and the South has delicious food.  I’ve tried a few different diets and found myself miserable and craving a Cookout burger tray even after 2 months of cutting out carbs except for special binge days (the diet works, but sometimes you just need a Cookout burger tray in your face) and found exercise, such as running, to be painful and unsatisfying. Two weeks ago we got a folding exercise bike and I’ve been using it almost every day since it came out of the box.  Why is exercise sticking this time around?  I think it’s because of my goals.

My goal this time is to get fit, not “I’ve got washboard abs and I can bench press a Cadillac” fit, but “I can run up these stairs without wheezing” fit.  The kind of fit where I could run a mile if need be, it might be a 10 minute mile but it would be faster than a horde of shambling zombies and isn’t that the point to any exercise?  I’m not aiming to look a certain way, although a smaller belly would be appreciated, and I’m not looking to be a certain weight.  Muscle is heavier than fat, anyway.

The big thing is I’m not exercising to look great, I’m exercising to feel great.  I do realize that I’m a guy and in our culture I have less pressure on me to look a certain way than a woman, but the pressure is still there to have abs (I’m looking at you, CW, {you too, Teen Wolf}), to be tall, and to have a jaw line that Bruce Campbell would be proud of.  While I might not get washboard abs from exercising, I’m going to feel great while eating a Monte Cristo sandwich in one hand and a marshmallow brownie in the other, calories be damned.


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