Wicked Good Crispy Beans


The beans!
-Individual results may vary-


The South has a lot of very unique and delicious culinary treasures to offer.  Chess pies, biscuits (to my family and friends in the North, we have no idea how to make biscuits) grilled chicken, and barbeque.  Oh, the barbeque is phenomenal, Greensboro is in a perfect place to experience both Eastern and Lexington style barbeque, it’s just too damn good to live without.  And the vegetables…

…are the worst.  Every vegetable is boiled and steamed until it’s given up the will to remain on this Earthly plane much less retain any shape at all.  No wonder no one likes to eat their vegetables when you cook them into a green mush, so ever since I was exiled from Maine I’ve been looking for new and different ways to make cook vegetables and yesterday I found one more way.

I asked the Facebookophere for any more recipes that I could try out after (shamelessly) posting about the Best Damn Potatoes.  I got a quick response to try out these green beans  and the result was wicked good.


One bag of green beans, mine were frozen from Deep Roots, the food co-op down the street

¼ cup Parmesan cheese

Large dash of garlic powder and salt


I thawed out the green beans in my double boiler (see Life without a Microwave) threw them on a pan, poured the cheese and spices over them, shook the pan around a bit to get a mostly even coating on the beans, the put the pan in the oven for 15 minutes at 425.  I hit the broiler for 2 extra minutes.  That was it and they were fantastic.

I want to call them Shovel Beans because I was actually shoveling them into my mouth by the handful, but a better name would be Wicked Good Crispy Beans.  They were wicked good and could easily replace French fries in my kitchen.  I highly recommend them because they’re just fantastic.  Oh, and something about nutrition and health, blah blah blah green beans blah, you know the drill.  You will want to eat them hot, so just dive in and eat them all as soon as you can.  If you have any other recipes you want to see me try out, let me know.


2 thoughts on “Wicked Good Crispy Beans

  1. Jonathan Austin says:

    Great post! I hear you on the veggies, man. As a southerner, I grew up with that mush. The thing to remember is that those veggies, as well as pulled pork BBQ, originated as a way for people with few or no teeth to eat. No kidding! Now that most of us have managed to keep our teeth through adulthood, we haven’t updated those recipes much. I’ve had some pretty awesome collard greens that aren’t over-cooked at Lucky 32.

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