My history with music, just the listening

A question has been passed around across my Facebook feed recently, jumping from friend to friend, asking to post 10 books that made an impression in your life.  One of my DJ friends altered it and listed the 10 music albums that made an impression in her life and that got me thinking about my history with music.  It’s been a long one, a strange one, and a fun one.  While I played the violin as a kid and have been playing the sax since, lord, 5th grade, this is more about listening to music than playing it because my music tastes have changed drastically over the years and I feel I’m better for it. Continue reading


Straight razor shave done right

You’ve seen straight razors in movies and old time television shows and had one of two thoughts, either Damn I’m glad I don’t need to do that every morning I would look like the Darach from season 3A (Teen Wolf fans know what I’m talking about) or you think Damn I need to get one of those.  My wife got me a straight razor for my birthday a few years ago and I think I’ve got it down, or at least, I’m not dead despite having the sharpest blade ever hover a few centimeters from my eye/throat/carotid artery.

Why would you want a straight razor shave?  Let’s see, you look like a bad ass while you shave?

Like this

Oh, and it gives you the closest shave you’ll ever have short of electrolysis and it will last for days.  It doesn’t matter if you’re shaving your face or your legs, a straight razor doesn’t care and with a bit of practice you can easily guide the blade around any shape or contour of your body.  There are plenty of tutorials out there in the depths of the internet, but here are my hints and tips for your first shave. Continue reading


So you want to be a home brewer?

I’ve been brewing for over ten years at this point in my life and I couldn’t be happier.  I started way back in high school by making different sodas and adding a small dash of yeast to carbonate each batch which ended up in lots of popped bottle tops and over fermented soda spilling all over my teacher’s apartment floor (sorry Alice) and accidentally making alcoholic root beer (sorry class of 2004?) which was more delicious than it should have been.  I’ve made a lot of good batches of beer and I’ve seen batches go bad in front of my eyes (Melissa, you know what I’m talking about).  Now you all get to take some great wisdom away from my success and misfortune because mistakes are only useful if you learn from them. Continue reading


Snow in the South: A Mainer in Exile’s perspective

This winter is dropping more snow in the South than it has is a long while.  My spring planting is being held up by six inches of frozen water sitting on my balcony.  I’m a Mainer in Exile and a dusting of snow is no problem for me, however the locals tend to freak out at the mention of snow falling from the sky.  In the past I have chuckled, guffawed, and even laughed at the entire region shutting down because of a hint of snow, this recent snow storm has got me thinking about how Southerners snow logic make actual sense.

Continue reading


Wicked Good Crispy Beans


The beans!
-Individual results may vary-


The South has a lot of very unique and delicious culinary treasures to offer.  Chess pies, biscuits (to my family and friends in the North, we have no idea how to make biscuits) grilled chicken, and barbeque.  Oh, the barbeque is phenomenal, Greensboro is in a perfect place to experience both Eastern and Lexington style barbeque, it’s just too damn good to live without.  And the vegetables…

…are the worst.  Every vegetable is boiled and steamed until it’s given up the will to remain on this Earthly plane much less retain any shape at all.  No wonder no one likes to eat their vegetables when you cook them into a green mush, so ever since I was exiled from Maine I’ve been looking for new and different ways to make cook vegetables and yesterday I found one more way. Continue reading


Life without a microwave

A few months ago our microwave started making a strange noise.  It also started throwing sparks onto our food.  While I first though, “Oh, our microwave has gained sentience and is trying to make our Hot Pockets a bit more festive,” but then I realized our microwave’s reactor had breeched and was about to pull a mini Chernobyl (that’s how radiation works, right?) so I pulled the plug.  Our kitchen has been microwave-less since November or so and here are some thoughts and observations.

  • The only time we miss the microwave is when we need to heat up butter, we get creative with microwave only packages.
  • We actually use the double boiler and steamer.  See above for “we get creative.”
  • I feel like I’m cooking more, perhaps it because of less button pushing, not sure
  • I’m cleaning larger dishes, not more…for the most part
  • Microwave popcorn is a poor substitute for corn kernels and oil on the stove
  • Reheating leftovers in the double boiler makes you feel like a badass