Life without a microwave

A few months ago our microwave started making a strange noise.  It also started throwing sparks onto our food.  While I first though, “Oh, our microwave has gained sentience and is trying to make our Hot Pockets a bit more festive,” but then I realized our microwave’s reactor had breeched and was about to pull a mini Chernobyl (that’s how radiation works, right?) so I pulled the plug.  Our kitchen has been microwave-less since November or so and here are some thoughts and observations.

  • The only time we miss the microwave is when we need to heat up butter, we get creative with microwave only packages.
  • We actually use the double boiler and steamer.  See above for “we get creative.”
  • I feel like I’m cooking more, perhaps it because of less button pushing, not sure
  • I’m cleaning larger dishes, not more…for the most part
  • Microwave popcorn is a poor substitute for corn kernels and oil on the stove
  • Reheating leftovers in the double boiler makes you feel like a badass