Wicked Good Crispy Beans


The beans!
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The South has a lot of very unique and delicious culinary treasures to offer.  Chess pies, biscuits (to my family and friends in the North, we have no idea how to make biscuits) grilled chicken, and barbeque.  Oh, the barbeque is phenomenal, Greensboro is in a perfect place to experience both Eastern and Lexington style barbeque, it’s just too damn good to live without.  And the vegetables…

…are the worst.  Every vegetable is boiled and steamed until it’s given up the will to remain on this Earthly plane much less retain any shape at all.  No wonder no one likes to eat their vegetables when you cook them into a green mush, so ever since I was exiled from Maine I’ve been looking for new and different ways to make cook vegetables and yesterday I found one more way. Continue reading


Best damn potatoes I’ve ever eaten

Social media is not the place to spend your trust.

  You know what I’m talking about, all the click bait headlines aimed to draw you in, the sensational news stories that are bogus, the Pintrest level perfection recipes that float between social media sites like a family heirloom fruitcake that sound too good to be true.


Pintrest-level food is like a unicorn, fun to look at but impossible to eat

Last night I took a risk and trusted social media just a little bit and the results were amazing.  Continue reading